The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys “The Blues Are Coming” – they are bluegrass blues….

The more astute and observant amongst the readership – and yes, we do mean you at the back with the new pair of glasses, nice look – that the Po’ Ramblin’ Boys are a five piece band whose line-up has recently been expanded to include fiddler Laura Orshaw.  Band leader C.J. Lewandowski filled us in on how this came about: “Laura has been filling in for us since 2017, and she’s been part of the band for the last two years now.  So, it’s five of us now. She gels perfectly with what we want to do in the studio and onstage—when the creative juices get flowing, the music gets hot.

And yes, we have have some hot bluegrass for you today which chugs along like Old ’97 taking a tight turn.  Never have the blues sounded so….fun.  It’s a bluegrass paradox, you just have to accept that high harmonies and piledriver banjo can still make for a song that will claim “those mean old blues are comin’ after me.

Blues are Close at Hand‘ comes from the upcoming new album ‘Never Slow Down‘, which will be released on March 25th via Smithsonian Folkways.

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