Video: Doug Paisley “Say What You Like”

Photo credit: Dave Gillespie

Here’s the new single from Canadian singer-songwriter Doug Paisley.  ‘Say What You Like’ is a gently rhythmic song, busy with gorgeous guitar work and layers that offer more with each listen.  The video, directed by Colin Medley and shot by Blake Hannahson, focuses just on Paisley and the other performers, literally shining a spotlight on their talents and drawing attention his warm, melodic vocal.  Paisley says of the song: “When something important disappears from your life, your imagination is sometimes called upon to fill the gaps. You could fill another universe with all the things people imagine other people are saying or thinking about them. The second verse was written ten years after the first.”

This single is the title track from Paisley’s forthcoming album and his first new material in four years.  In the interim period, he has certainly been busy, writing more than 250 songs that have been whittled down to eleven.  Clearly, he is compelled to write.  He says: “As a songwriter these days, there’s very little to gain and very little to lose so I am working only from the heart, there’s no other motive.” This shows in his thoughtful words and engaging tunes.  Fifteen years ago, Paisley’s self-titled debut introduced us to a masterful songwriter, blending folk and country in his introspective, reflective songs.  His 2010 release, ‘Constant Companion’ was a simply beautiful record, delivering timeless songs crafted with great sensitivity.  Look out for more heartfelt writing on his new album on 17th March 2023.

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