Video: Eric Bibb feat. Shaneeka Simon “Born of a Woman”

Eric Bibb returns with a powerful message in his new single ‘Born of a Woman’.  With delightful guitar-work, a foot-tapping rhythm and an upbeat vocal melody, Bibb draws the listener into a song that addresses serious equality issues in a sensitive and engaging way.  Tackling a theme as deep and wide as the mistreatment of women, including stories of alcohol-fuelled domestic violence and stoning, is challenging and important.  Bibb pulls it off successfully, helped by the fine delivery of Shaneeka Simon, who adds an extra dimension to the song.

‘Born of a Woman’ is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Dear America’, due for release on 10th September.  It’s incredible to think that Bibb’s debut album, ‘Ain’t it Grand’, arrived back in 1972 but he continues to sound as relevant as ever almost 50 years later.  The concept for the new record is simple and emotive.  If you could speak to your country, address it it a heartfelt and personal way, what would you say?  Of the new album, Bibb says: “On this record, I’m saying all the things I would want to say to somebody dear to me.  But it’s a self-portrait as well.  It’s a love letter because America, for all of its associations with pain and its bloody history, has always been a place of incredible hope and optimism. To be American, and particularly to come from New York City, is to be blessed. This album is a love letter because all of America’s woes, and the woes of the world, can only come into some kind of healing and balance with that energy we call love. That’s my conviction. You see young people now and it’s amazing, with the whole Black Lives Matter movement. All of those things let me know that there is a kind of reverberation from that Sixties energy. You can’t keep a good thing down. Now we’re at that ‘watch and pray’ moment, and it’s an incredibly inspiring time to be writing songs…”

Powerful stuff, indeed.  Take a listen and look out for ‘Dear America’, a timely exploration of division and social issues but also the hope that love brings.

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