Video: Jake Swamp and The Pine “Drive, Drive, Drive”

‘Drive, Drive, Drive’ is the latest single from Jake Swamp and The Pine, led by guitarist, singer and songwriter Drew Zieff.  The accompanying video sees Zieff playing as the sun sets, while also taking us a journey through the American countryside and away.  Director of Photography and Producer Stephanie Houten, ably assisted by Lexie Piepmeier behind the scenes, has created an absorbing, well-shot visual that fits perfectly with the song’s lyrical themes.  ‘Drive, Drive, Drive’ is a song of escape, of trying to outrun the harsh realities of life and of dreaming of something more.  It’s a song about seeking fulfilment, which seems particularly relevant in today’s uncertain world.  Zieff reflects: “This song came from a place of really feeling stuck in life and feeling obligated to responsibilities, but really just wanting to get in the car and drive until it runs out of gas.”  It’s a sentiment that many of us will sympathise with when facing the various challenges that life throws our way.

Zieff’s warm voice brings character and intimacy to the song, which begins quietly and gently before bursting with melody and layers, including Don Mitchell’s harmonies and lead guitar, Josh Gold’s organ and violin from Corinna Smith.  It’s a gorgeously tuneful, engaging and well-crafted song, with changes in pace and well-timed pauses, feeling more introspective and emphasising the brighter moments.

The single is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Simpson & Banks’, due for release in December 2022.  As always, the band combine folk, Americana, bluegrass, pop and other influences to create a sound designed to bring forth that feeling of sitting around a camp fire after sunset.  The band’s songs range from delicate, intimate ballads to foot-stomping, upbeat numbers.  It’s certainly an album to look out for and ‘Drive, Drive, Drive’ is an excellent introduction to Jake Swamp and The Pine.  Enjoy.

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