Video: Lord Huron “Love Me Like You Used To”

LA-based Lord Huron release ‘Love Me Like You Used To‘ from their fourth album ‘Long Lost‘. The whole album is an affectionate tribute to the Whispering Pines Studio, their own recording and rehearsal base in Los Angeles, and to the ghosts of the former occupants that the band still feel haunt their rundown, old studio.

Now seated comfortably at the top table of indie folk, Lord Huron may share some of the same reverb-drenched DNA as Fleet Foxes and My Morning Jacket, but on ‘Long Lost‘, front person and songwriter, Ben Schneider, has drawn creative inspiration from the king of cowboy psychedelia himself, Lee Hazlewood. ‘Love Me Like You Used To‘ is an elegant, toe-tapping trip into that classic Hazlewood territory of soaring melody, percussive twang and lyrics laced with wistful, lovelorn regrets.

The gorgeous and clever promo is directed by regular Lord Huron collaborator, Anthony Wilson, and sees an ageing former fan, donning her sequins, denim and pink, heart-shaped sunglasses to take a trip down memory lane by visiting the Whispering Pines Museum. Featuring some beautiful David Lynch-inspired production design and high-class camera work, the camera follows her as she wanders round the fabulously kitsch museum featuring various tributes to the mythical country star whose career is celebrated in the museum’s displays. But just like in the best David Lynch work, nothing is as it seems.

Lord Huron have gained a large and dedicated following who are heavily invested in the nostalgic imagery, cinematic vision and pervading eerie melancholy that has characterised their work so far. The release of ‘Long Lost‘ was preceded by a fictional retro TV show titled ‘Alive From Whispering Pines’, that teased their fan-base with cryptic performance clips by mysterious, blurred-out characters, with old-school model sets and late 60s-style concept design. They’ll be poring over all the little details, fleeting cameos and hidden easter eggs in this latest promo as they try to piece together the enigmatic world of Lord Huron.

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