Video: Marlody “Summer”

It’s some time until summer but the simple beauty of this song will help you through the winter months.  ‘Summer’ is the debut single and video from Marlody, whose outstanding writing and sweetly melodic vocal delivery is utterly disarming.  Her piano rolls and flows throughout the song in stirring, urgent currents and waves.  Over these compelling keys, Marlody’s voice is gorgeous, taking us on an ambitious, adventurous melodic journey that almost distracts us from the darkness and despair of the lyrics.  Her words are heart-wrenching.  ‘Summer’ is told from the perspective of a child who has lost a parent and is struggling to navigate the new world in which she finds herself, including the emotional turmoil of her father and the balance of remembering while beginning again.  It’s a cleverly written, aching narrative that compels us to inhabit the child’s innocence and emotional space; these words of loss are central to our appreciation of the song.  The accompany video presents Marlody singing and playing, overlaid by images of a child at play on the beach in summer, reinforcing the sense of hazy half-memories.  It’s a very effective accompaniment to a truly impactful song.

This single is taken from Marlody’s first album ‘I’m Not Sure At All’, which is due for release on 13th January 2023 and promises to be a collection of superbly-crafted songs that deliver beautifully melodic reflections on loss, love and hope with the flair of Tori Amos or Kate Bush.

Check out the album release shows on 14th January at Unitarian Meeting House, Tenterden (tickets here) and 15th January at Betsey Trotwood, London (tickets here).  Look out for ‘I’m Not Sure At All’ as this is a striking and memorable debut but start here with the emotive ‘Summer’.

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