Video: Naomi Alligator “Concession Stand Girl”

Lofi, banjo-playing, wistfulness from Naomi Alligator’s, ‘Concession Stand Girl‘.

Naomi Alligator is the banjo-wielding alias of songwriter and multi-media artist Corrine James. While studying New Media and Cinematography at the University of Virginia in her home State, James created a secret Bandcamp under the alias Naomi Alligator, and began uploading her intimate home recordings online. Inspired by the sparse and confessional qualities of Liz Phair’s early portastudio recordings, James decided to create her own musical journal to share and process personal anecdotes.

Aside from the influence of early Liz Phair, there’s something reminiscent of lo-fi, indie-rock grandees, Beat Happening in ‘Concession Stand Girl‘, where James sings the inner monologue of an unappreciated ticket-taker at a high school football game. With no other instrumentation than her softly plucking a banjo, she narrates details of the concession stand girl’s relationship to the various spectators who make their way through her turnstile to get into the game.

I think my music provides space for me to say the things I can’t always say in real life.” says James. “That’s what I love about songwriting—There’s room in music for all of the conversations that can’t exist in reality. Although seemingly insignificant, the concession stand girl must interact with each spectator as they enter the football game. Despite being unable to physically see the game, inside of her head she narrates her relationship to the people at the game.” The track is both wistful and folky, and whizzes by, not even touching the two-minute mark.

Impressively, the animation is also by James. It’s beautifully executed, hand-drawn work that has something of Terry Gilliam’s surreal approach, or even Yellow Submarine, and it’s no surprise to discover that experimental animation and film-making has been James’ main creative outlet over the last few years, seeing her animating short films and videos for other artists.

Naomi Alligator looks certain to capture the imaginations and admiration of those drawn to that lo-fi, folky sound but she may just have the charm and talent to take her work, both music and animation, to much wider audiences. Check out her impressive work here.

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