Video: Pernice Brothers “Working Girls (Sunlight Shines)”

It’s retro Friday and today’s offering takes you back in time to the opening track from Pernice Brothers’ second album, 2001’s ‘The World Won’t End’.  The album begins with the words: “She summered every winter through a calendar from Paradise,” and the band’s unmistakable, bright, shimmering sound.  Formed after Joe Pernice’s alt-country group Scud Mountain Boys disbanded, Pernice Brothers were inspired by the pop arrangements of the likes of Brian Wilson.  ‘Working Girls (Sunlight Shines)’ is a great example of Pernice Brothers’ lush brilliance, which saw them release a series of critically-acclaimed albums throughout the 2000s.  Those jangling guitars deliver melodic sunshine.  And yet, the sonic mood is in stark contrast to the dark lyrics as the song progresses: “Contemplating suicide or a graduate degree // Answers ‘how’s it goin’?’ with // I feel sullen, I feel sullen, I feel seventeen.”  Powerful stuff.  Most of all, this is a reminder that Pernice Brothers have that ability to write tremendous songs.  Enjoy.

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Absolutely wonderful. Following the loss of my record/cd collection in a 2007 house fire, “The World Won’t End” and “yours, mine & ours” were among the first must have purchases I made.


Thanks for the reminder of the wonder that is Joe Pernice in his many guises. I spent a whole afternoon down the rabbit hole of Pernice Brothers and Scud Mountain Boys albums.