Video Premiere: Bren Holmes “Ugly”

The latest single from Bren Holmes explores how relationships survive over time, with couples making adjustments, facing challenges together and, above all, working hard to make it succeed.  The Bobby Field-directed video was filmed in the desert near Palm Springs on the outskirts of LA.  We see Holmes joined by Brett Anderson of The Donnas, apparently living in domestic bliss and clearly having a great time working together.  Plenty of humour and joy are injected into their performances, so that the video reflects the song’s upbeat mood.  There’s excellent chemistry between the two and their voices complement one another perfectly.  ‘Ugly’ is a rhythmic song that positively demands listeners tap their feet and get moving.  Alongside Anderson and Holmes’s engaging guitar, a further highlight is seeing the outstanding slide guitar from Bryan Dobbs.

I have no idea where the origins of this song came from. It was a guitar riff that I had had for years and then one day, this gift of a chorus melody landed on my lap.  I decided to write it about how couples stay together thru all their ups and downs of their relationships/marriages, and how they aspire to grow old and happy together which doesn’t always work out that way, as we all know.
It was Bryan Dobbs (co -producer) idea to recruit Brett Anderson for the duet on the song. He had just finished up recording her first solo album and he thought we¹d be a perfect match together. How right he was, Bren gives such an honest performance — it feels like you’re listening to a real couple having an interaction together. Her harmonies are spot on.  We shot the video out in Joshua Tree at a friend’s house back in August last. My good friend Bobby Field shot and directed this one too, with some input on shots from myself. This song got to feature both Brett Anderson and Bryan Dobbs performing.”

Holmes was a founder member of popular band Young Dubliners.  As the band’s long-time bassist, Holmes toured the world relentlessly and put out a string of acclaimed albums.  In 2019, after thirty years together, Holmes decided it was time to go it alone and put out a solo record, ‘Everything You Never Wanted’, which is out now.  He says: “I chose some of my favorite songs that I have ever written, and I’m quite proud of how they sound on the album. I can only wish for a few more of those up my sleeve in the future!”  The result is honest, authentic, timeless music to be absorbed by.  Enjoy.

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