Video Premiere: Butcher, Baglio & Estes “Long Player”

Jon Butcher, Sal Baglio and Allen Estes are three talented musicians from New England who have just put together their debut LP as a trio.  We’re pleased to premiere ‘Long Player’, their second single release and the opening track from the record.  Beginning with thumping drums, the song then launches into a driving rhythm, underpinned by an insistent, pulsing bass.  While all three have been around the music scene for many years, coming together has given them a fresh energy, best exemplified by the dynamic guitar solos and the distorted vocals that give ‘Long Player’ an atmospheric edge.

Butcher says of the new project: “We’re blue-collar guys from working class families.  We grew up on the sound of rock radio and the promise of an electric guitar. We wanted to make a record that reflected that. We tell our own stories and there’s truth in that. We did a show together at the Shaulin Liu Performance Center Rockport MA some years ago.  It was magic, the perfect mix of electric and acoustic music. We knew then we had something special enough to take it into the studio.”  Baglio continues: “Allen brought this idea to the table.  We each have been friends for over four decades and have performed together on various live shows over the years which made it an easy sell. I’m in!”  Estes explains how the creative process was genuinely collaborative once the three veterans had decided to write together: “We worked together in the studio on the songs, ideas came together in the studio, one of us would have a tune and the other the words.  As the studio process continued narrowing down the vibe and choosing what would fit. We all share mutual influences, including acts and bands that feature harmony.  We almost know what each of the others are thinking.”

Although ‘Long Player’ reflects the rock music that they grew up listening to, the rest of the trio’s new material has a little bit of everything, acoustic roots, blues, rock and a touch of soul.  Baglio explains what each band member contributes: “It is like making a musical gravy.  Allen brings American roots, folk and real country. Jon adds everything from blues, psychedelic soul power and rock.  I bring the roll, blues and bit of British pop. It’s harmony and friendship and it is a beautiful experience.”  Indeed, that’s what comes across most clearly from the video: Butcher, Baglio and Estes are ultimately just three guys having fun and making the most of their enduring friendship.  It’s all about their camaraderie and that’s what makes it feel relatable, accessible and fun.  Find out more about the band here.

Check out for the ‘Gypsy Caravan’, the brand new album from Butcher, Baglio & Estes, which is out now.  Our readers in that part of the world should also look out for a live celebration of the album on 8th October at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA.  Join in the fun.

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