Video Premiere: Caroline Cotter “Morning Mantra”

Photo credit: Katherine Emery

Caroline Cotter’s latest single is a hymn to the power of peace, love and kindness.  It’s a powerful message and a truly uplifting listen, both lyrically and sonically.  ‘Morning Mantra’ is just that: a an uplifting way to start your day, an exercise in self-love and gratitude and positivity.  In an unself-conscious and entirely joyful delivery, Cotter sings: “When I wake, may I take the day giving thanks // for the breath that I breathe // and when I stand, my I rise to greet my heart // with the warmth of my hand // when I walk, may I place my feet on the path // of the good and the strong // and when I fall, may I know that I still belong.”  Certainly, we all need music like this to pick us up from time to time.  Cotter says of the song: “‘Morning Mantra’ is a musical warm hug of a reminder to keep going in a world that often feels dark, sad, and full of troubles that are out of our control. It’s an upbeat call and response for anyone in need of some encouragement to get up, get going, and stay on the right path.”  See the exclusive Q & A below for more information about the song.

The single is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Gently As I Go’, due for release on 18th August 2023.  Cotter is a relentless live performer; since her debut album, 2015’s ‘Dreaming As I Do’, she has taken to the stage at over 900 gigs in 45 states and 14 countries.  On the new record, her third release, She explores the stuff of life: love, loss, nostalgia and the connections we make as we go.  Check it out.

Exclusive Q&A with Caroline Cotter about the song and video

What is this song about?  What inspired you to write it?

‘Morning Mantra’ is a pick-me-up. It’s exactly as the title indicates, a mantra or a chant for the morning. It’s a way to start the day practicing gratitude, self-love, and moving through the world with intention and grace.

This song is like a quick blast of morning sunshine. What made you want to strip the music back so far on this song and focus on the vocals and harmonies?

The song was written as an a cappella call and response. I’ve written a few of those in the past, and I love the style, especially performing them live with an audience to sing with me. The percussion piece was the unexpected addition during production, and I really love what Sean and Alec did with it!

What do you hope this song says to people who hear it?

Keep going, keep your head up, believe in yourself, and know that you are enough and capable and here to do good things.

Let’s talk about the video. Who did you work with on the video and whose idea was the visual treatment, which looks almost hand-drawn?

I worked with Tom Krueger on this video. He had the idea to do the composite video so I could be my own little singing group, and then when we were editing, we stumbled upon this watercolor animation effect. We loved it, and I think it’s what made the video come to life.

How did the video come together? Any stories about its creation that you can share?

Tom and I were working on a different music video together, and while we were in the editing phase on that one, he came up with the idea for this song. That day, we set up a green screen in his barn and shot the whole thing.  After he edited together the three parts, we added the animation effect, as well as the time-lapse animation of flowers blooming.

What are your plans for the rest of this year?

I plan to be performing around Maine for the summer, and then I will head out to tour the album. I’m currently booking dates for the fall and into 2024.

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Great song, amazing vocals, super talented.

Last edited 9 months ago by Ron
Tim Alexander

Digging your a capella vocals…this will be well in live performance.

Robby Gilman

Good morning Caroline, Love the video and song we should all wake up this way!
Thanks for creating!