Video Premiere: Craig Greenberg “Between the Sea and the Sky”

Here’s the latest single from New York-based Craig Greenberg.  ‘Between the Sea and the Sky’ is another typically tuneful song from Greenberg, founded upon an upbeat, rolling rhythm and tumbling piano notes.  Built steadily in sonic layers, there’s an engaging interlude halfway through the song when the other instruments fall away, leaving just the keys, before rebuilding with a renewed sense of purpose.  By the end, the song – like the plane in the video – soars skywards, bursting with melodic energy.

Directed by Dave Doobinin, who also worked on the well-received video for 2020’s ‘Oh Caroline’ (featured on AUK here), the accompanying video for ‘Between the Sea and the Sky’ won an award from the Europe Music Video Awards recently.  It’s a deserved accolade as the visual is inventive, well-produced and reinforces the song’s lyrical themes.  It was filmed inside real planes from the mid-20th century at the Aviation Hall of Fame in New Jersey.  The video serves as a metaphor for life and its challenges, including the loss of Greenberg’s father and recent trials in his music career.  He pilots his way through the turbulence and stormy weather before flying high again.  Greenberg told AUK: “It’s a conceptual song, about keeping in pursuit of one’s dream as we go from childhood into adult life.”  It’s an uplifting theme for an uplifting song.

‘Between the Sea and the Sky’ is the title track from Greenberg’s most recent EP, released in December 2022.  Definitely one to check out.  Enjoy.

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