Video Premiere: Grace Morrison “Small Town Lament”

We are pleased to share the video premiere of ‘Small Town Lament’ from Grace Morrison.  It’s a restless song with a restless theme: the character Morrison inhabits is seeking something more meaningful and less claustrophobic than her familiar small-town existence in a place where everybody feels they know you and all your mistakes and flaws are exposed.  The song is upbeat, combining foot-tapping rhythm with an engaging melody and country flourishes.  The bright tones could easily form the soundtrack to your summer’s day.

A series of vibrant paintings by Lisa Bastoni have been linked together to create a striking visual that complements the song’s mood and theme.  Bastoni is an accomplished musician herself and her recent warm-hearted album, ‘Backyard Birds’, was reviewed by AUK here.

The single is taken from Morrison’s forthcoming album, ‘Daughter’, which is due out on 20th August.  After years spent providing backing vocals or working in bands, Grace Morrison finally found the confidence to take the spotlight and her new record reflects that search for identity and growing sense of self.  She explains: “This record is about stepping into your power. It’s about getting back up when life has punched you in the gut. And it’s about looking the world straight in the eye and saying, ‘Hello, I’m Grace.'”

Morrison continues: “In February 2020 I had just returned home from the first leg of what was going to be a year of touring and wrote ‘Small Town Lament’. I loved the song, called my producer Jon Evans and said something to the effect of, ‘I want to record a 5 song, stripped-down EP, Lori McKenna style.’  I had written with her the year before and was enamoured with her and her writing process.”  Morrison and Evans soon changed direction, utilising a full-band sound and recording twelve songs for the album.  “Once I realised this wouldn’t be a stripped-down record, I knew it was gonna be country and I knew we needed pedal steel.” Lloyd Maines (father of Natalie Maines from The Chicks) provided various instruments, including pedal steel, and the country roots feel Morrison wanted became a reality.  Check out the single and the upcoming full-length album from the Nashville-based singer-songwriter.

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