Who What Why When & Werewolves “Little In Love” – Toughish Love though

And this is a lesson to all up and coming and aspiring bands – you might think it’s funny to call yourself The Young Uns or The Milk Carton Kids – but eventually you’ll age and then you’re stuck with the name.  Or, like Matt Orlando (banjo) and Andrew Fullerton (mandolin) you might think it’s a good idea take your frontporch jams and do a show, and for a laugh give your band the the most ridiculous name you can think of could think of.  Five years and two albums later and “We didn’t think we’d make it this far” Matt Orlando states honestly.  Yup – stuck with the name now.

Who What Why When and Werewolves are a nu-grass band, and their music tends towards the sly and the tongue-in-cheek: ‘Little in Love‘ is a song about taking a friend to recovery.  That’s nice, but they want to be clear their love only stretches so far: “I can take you to the crisis centre / I will wait outside / Everyone needs a little time to figure out their lives / I can stop by your apartment / Check on the cats / Hope you know that I can’t take ’em if you’re never coming back.”   Honesty – it’s the best policy.

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