Video Premiere: Jack Henderson “Hey Batman”

Here is the exclusive video premiere of ‘Hey Batman’, the new single from Jack Henderson.  It’s the lead track from the upcoming album, ‘Where’s the Revolution’, due out on Fretsore Records on 2nd October.  the song features Henderson’s typically characterful vocals and humorous perspective on the world around him.  ‘Hey Batman’ imagines the Dark Knight growing older, resisting change and going through an identity crisis.  Just like the rest of us, Batman comes to doubt his place in the world. 

Henderson reflects on the song: “One thing that’s certain in life is that we all get older. With that inevitability comes the possibility that both we and our heroes are surpassed by new ideas and either disappear, become irrelevant or, worse, become anachronistic clanging bells. The only way to embrace getting older, however challenging it may be at times, is to accept that things change, remain curious and open to new ideas and resist the temptation to settle.”  Wise words.

The Scottish multi-instrumentalist self recorded the new album near Glasgow and explained his approach: “If necessity is the mother of invention then ‘Where’s the Revolution’ is largely the result of that confluence of necessity and invention. Sometimes limitations can be liberating and for this album I wanted to explore what would happen if I recorded, produced and more or less played everything myself whilst embracing those limitations, both physical and financial, head on. There was no overarching manifesto and I wanted to let the songs dictate their own course and allow the imposed imperfections to constitute the very soul of the record.”  

It’s almost twenty years since Jack Henderson appeared on the scene with his highly-regarded debut, ‘Cheap Tattoo’.  All these years later, he’s still known for timeless songcraft and smart lyrics.  Smile and tap your feet to this wryly amusing song – a taste of what the album has in store for us this autumn.

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