Video Premiere: Lillian Leadbetter “Leo Moon”

Here is another beautiful song from Nashville-based Lillian Leadbetter.  ‘Leo Moon’ flows on gentle currents of pedal steel and acoustic guitar over soothing upright bass.  Over these luscious layers, Leadbetter’s vocal delivery is delicately controlled but also emotive and involving; she becomes lost in the music and narrative.  The video gives us the opportunity to see Leadbetter perform the song and she really does perform it well, her voice, expression and movement infused with character and deep feeling. Between the verses, Conner Young’s mournful trumpet and Ben Rodgers’ ethereal pedal steel haunt the melody and mood of ‘Leo Moon’.

A Moon sign relates to the exact position of the Moon at the time of your birth and is said, just like sun signs, to have an impact on your personality traits.  A Leo Moon is linked to being creative, bright and bold and others will be drawn to you.  Whatever you feel about the the magic and influence of star signs, it’s a powerful metaphorical device in song, used effectively through Leadbetter’s thoughtful lyrics.

Leadbetter’s early life was spent in rural Vermont, where she learned to love music while singing along to her father’s guitar, surrounded by birdsong and other sounds of country life and the natural world.  These early influences find their way into Leadbetter’s tuneful songs, along with her musical influences, including folk, choral music, Americana and country and her studies at the Berklee College of Music.  Above all, she brings a deep sensitivity and a sense of romance to her her songs.  Her first album, the appropriately-titled ‘State of Romance’, has just been released.  Take a listen and you’ll find a precisely-crafted collection of intimate songs, delivered with grace and poise.  Enjoy.


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