Video Premiere: Malin Andersson “Ships in the Night”

Photo credit: Adam Dean

Check out the lush new single from Swedish songwriter Malin Andersson.  There’s a gentle rhythmic urgency at the beating heart of ‘Ships in the Night’, a hypnotic song that showcases the silken beauty of Andersson’s soft, smooth vocal.  Like the ebb and flow of the relationships she describes, her gorgeous voice is swept along by melodic currents.  It can feel like it’s never the right time for love to flourish, “That it’s too late or too soon,” which can be heartbreaking.  ‘Ships in the Night’ begins and ends with the lines: “I lost you the moment we met // Maybe you felt the same,” a neat structural device, through which the song circles round to the same sense of living outside of time and never quite getting it right, of repeated losses.

Andersson explains: “This song is very special to me. Throughout my life, I’ve carried a sensation of being either ‘too late’ or ‘too early’ with my insights, constantly questioning if I’m in the right place at the right time. I’ve often pondered if the choices are within my control or if I should simply trust a higher power. This song is about falling in and out of love, reflecting on the interplay between life’s clock and the celestial constellations.”

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Andersson considers her music to be, “…sensitively stylized folk,” her distinctive sound blending her Scandinavian folk roots with contemporary influences, lush, dreamy sonic layers and her personal experiences.  A winner of an emerging artist award from SKAP (Swedish Society of Songwriters Composers and Authors), Andersson has a gift for combining compelling melodies with thoughtful, thought-provoking lyrics.  The single is from the London-based songwriter’s forthcoming album ‘Space To Feel’, a collection that reflects her emotional exploration of her sensitivity, alongside her changing life circumstances, literally journeying from a place of peace and tranquility to the vibrant urgency of urban London.  Beautiful songwriting – enjoy.

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