Video Premiere: Nathan Seeckts “Goodnight Bluebird”

Check out the brand new single from Nathan Seeckts.  Seeckts’ music is made to be performed, to be absorbed live, to be immersed in.  Indeed, he says: “If you’re fortunate enough to have folks come along to your shows and sing your words back to you, you’re the luckiest damn person in the world.”  ‘Goodnight Bluebird’ is the sort of song to be experienced this way.  It’s full of soul and sweeping, memorable melody and Seeckts’ delivery is perfect for big-hearted singalongs.  There’s a party atmosphere in the video for ‘Goodnight Bluebird’,  which features the band playing to a packed crowd on a boat.

For the song, Seeckts was inspired by his debut show at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville as part of Americanafest 2019.  Seeckts explains: “I’d spent so many years trying to navigate the industry and ‘work out how to get through the front door’ and suddenly I found myself onstage inside the damn building.  There I was singing away, achieving a bucket-list moment and out of the corner of my eye I could see my wife beaming and singing along with me.”  The melody for the chorus came first but it was years before the rest of the song – the structure, verses and layers – followed after a gig at Pistol Pete’s in Geelong.  “The world had just started to open up after the pandemic and from the stage I could see out to the street, which filled with people. The energy in the room was high and I went home pretty much straight after the show and wrote the rest of the song, which had eluded me during those dark years.”

Aside from Seeckts’ gritty, characterful vocal, ‘Goodnight Bluebird’ is notable for the excellent guitar work from Sean McDonnell, whose vibrating sliding, languid solo halfway through elevates the song to stirring new levels.  This is the third single from the Australian singer’s new album, ‘Something Rare And Beautiful’, which received an impressive 9/10 review on AUK – find out more here.  It’s out now and well worth a listen – prepare for energy, soul, passion and conviction.  Enjoy.

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