Video Premiere: Our Man in the Field “Thin (I Used to be Bullet Proof)”

We are delighted to premiere the latest single from Our Man in the Field (also-known-as Alexander Ellis).  Ellis provides another lovely vocal performance on ‘Thin (I Used to be Bullet Proof)’, demonstrating his range, both musically and emotionally.  It’s the second single from the forthcoming debut album, due for release on 3rd July, and, once again, features fabulous performances from his brilliant band, especially the haunting pedal steel from Henry Senior. 

Think of the song as a letter written to Ellis’s younger self.  He explains the inspiration and meaning behind it: “I wrote it from the point of view of a person looking back at their life and recognising how time has changed them. At the beginning they are dictating a letter to someone. The words in the letter are the words of the chorus and the letter is to explain what the person is about to do. I wanted to leave that part open so the person could be leaving a job or a place or any situation and the listener can make it whatever they want.

To me the person in the song has realised that there is still time left to change their circumstances and get back to who they used to be. I’ve known a lot of people who have followed the traditional path of school, university 9-5 job – but then realised that they spend most of their life doing something they don’t like and missed out on so much. Most people don’t want to take a risk and change their situation and for some it’s impossible not to once they realise.”

It’s timeless music and these are timeless themes.  Such is the quality of Ellis’s songcraft, that this feels familiar – classic Americana – and yet new at the same time.  Look out for the new album, ‘The Company of Strangers’, which promises to be an impressive debut.  We may be hearing a lot more in the future from our correspondent out there in the field, regaling us with tales of his travels.

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