Video Premiere: Phil and the Osophers “Life Savings”

We’re pleased to share the video premiere of ‘Life Savings’ from Phil and the Osophers, featuring intricate guitar-work, melodic vocals and gorgeous Colorado landscapes.  The song is about economic hardship and isolation with the main character burying his savings in the snowy mountains.  Very timely. 

Radiotes says: “How was I to know that when we shot this video about bankruptcy, unemployment and isolation, that a month later the economy would be in ruins and everyone would be in self-quarantine?”  A keen philosopher, Phil Radiotes is known for deeply thoughtful, personal lyrics and his songs cover a wide range of subjects.  Indeed, his 8th album, 2019’s ‘From the Rise of Fall’, covered such themes as suicide bombings, immigration, technological isolation and working-class issues. “I’ve felt how strongly a song can affect a person and I try to dig as deeply as I can to create songs that have that sort of impact,” Radiotes explains.  Check it out.

Author: Andrew Frolish

From up north but now hiding in rural Suffolk. An insomniac music-lover. Love discovering new music to get lost in - country, singer-songwriters, Americana, rock...whatever. Currently enjoying Lukas Nelson, Midland, Jarrod Dickenson.

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