Video Premiere: Rachel Garlin “Morning Lullaby”

Photo credit: Tiffany Murray

There’s a gentle, light, summery feel to Rachel Garlin’s latest single ‘Morning Lullaby’.   It’s a similar vibe to last year’s well-received EP ‘The State We Are In’ – infectious, catchy and full of heart.  Garlin often begins her song-writing process with improvised lyrics and melodies, finding a sound that works before letting the elements flow together to form a completed song.  The upbeat ‘Morning Lullaby’ feels like a perfect example of that spontaneity, that freedom of creativity and expression, with a vocal melody and words that have the fluidity of a stream of consciousness over a strong beat and tuneful strum.  The result is immediately engaging and we can see and appreciate the joy Garlin takes in playing and singing.

This is the second single release from the San Francisco song-writer since the award-winning ‘Targay’.  That popular Pride anthem is now approaching one million streams and plays across all platforms.  The gently melodic song has connected with fans thanks to its humour, relatable lyrics and message of not shopping when you’re hungry, with particular reference to all the rainbow products on sale at Target during Pride month.  Garlin says: “It’s fun to write a catchy song but you never expect it to explode like this.  Lots of people can relate to getting carried away by their impulses – to shop, to snack, and to go wild over rainbow merch.”  After eight indie-albums, Garlin’s brand of ‘denim and poetry’ music is continuing to win over new fans.  Delightful stuff – enjoy.

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