Video Premiere: Slow Parade “This Old Van”

Photo credit: Brian Thorpe

Here’s the latest video from Atlanta-based Slow Parade, a psychedelic country-folk collective led by songwriter Matthew Pendrick.  Kristofer Sampson’s video is a well-shot, atmospheric look at the live recording of ‘This Old Van’ in the studio, capturing the great skill of all the players.  Percussion from Ryan Van Fleet, Evan Sarver’s bass and keys from Rhett Huffman provide a layered, pulsing foundation over which the song grows and Matthew Pendrick explores a sweet vocal melody.  There are excellent musical passages and interludes, particularly involving Matt Stoessel’s dreamy pedal steel, which is truly gorgeous to listen to and watch in performance.  Perhaps the song is at its most emotional and effective when everything quietens down and Pendrick’s voice, cracking and plaintive, is achingly reflective: “This old van and me, we had some times.”

Pendrick says of the song and album: “‘This Old Van’ is tribute to the old Slow Parade touring wagon, a 2001 Toyota mini van that saw quite a lot of miles before being retired from the road not long after we made the record. She’s working in the concrete business now. No ones knows what became of the Cabbagetown yuppy.  We cut this record live, all in the room together and it felt really good. Something like barreling down the freeway with worn out breaks, a leaky O2 sensor and a gang of your best buds, still reeling from a long night of Rock & Roll. A beautiful mess of imperfections and ragged grace.  ‘This Old Van’ is a heartfelt ode to the horse the band rode in on.  As the song  builds from a sombre breakdown, steel guitars ring out like the long drip of Jesus’ happy tears while a honky tonk piano saunters along in a slow two step dance.”

This is the fourth single from the forthcoming album ‘Maybe You’ll Come Around Again’, Slow Parade’s third full-length release, once again blending folk, country, blues and other roots sounds.  The songs were recorded live, together in the studio over just three days, helping to create a natural, playful vibe through the interaction between the musicians.  Keep a look out for the new record – on this evidence, it promises to be an absorbing collection.

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