Blitzen Trapper “Cheap Fantastical Takedown” – holding out for a good woman

Portland’s Blitzen Trapper return with their first new music since 2020’s ‘Holy Smokes Future Jokes‘ as they set to release a three song 12″ single which includes ‘Cheap Fantastical Takedown.’  Since it’s a 12″ we’re assuming actual physical issues of a vinyl long-play single.  Pretty Cool.  In fact, it’s been pressed on opaque red vinyl at the state-of-the-art Citizen Vinyl pressing facility in Asheville, NC, and the 12” is limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Something else pretty cool is that the female backing vocals are provided by Anna Tivel.  That’s pretty cool.

Blitzen Trapper main man Eric Earley says of the song and the new single: “It’s incredible to get some new music out into the world, it’s been a couple years since Holy Smokes Future Jokes and it’s time.  This tune, ‘Cheap Fantastical Takedown,’ is a conversation between two lovers at a crossroads, in that place where the fantasies and illusions we build about ourselves and others give way to the hard reality of actual vulnerability and love. It’s a dark tune, written on acoustic guitar at a time when I was struggling to get in touch with my own submerged emotions.

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