Video Premiere: Stephen Flatt “Logan Creek”

Stephen Flatt’s smooth country voice is perfect for telling stories like ‘Logan Creek’ and he delivers a gorgeous vocal melody with style and confidence.  With legendary bass-player Dave Roe on production and a host of excellent collaborators, the sonic layers of ‘Logan Creek’ are rich, full and textured.  Check out the atmospheric video premiere for the new single; it’s an absorbing introduction to Stephen Flatt’s work.

The Nashville singer-songwriter has spent years touring and performing in bands, most notably The Tolleson Experiment and Americana duo Flatt and Alvis, harmonising with Shane Alvis in songs that drew together a range of roots genres.  Over the last decade, Flatt put together a collection of his own material, songs that didn’t quite fit with other projects and were more personal to him.  He explains: “These are my favourite songs that just didn’t have a real spot in the other bands.  These aren’t Tolleson Experiment material, these aren’t Flatt & Alvis material — these are me.”  The result is Flatt’s first solo album ‘Cumberland Bones’, due for release on 16th April, a collection of authentic songs from the traditional side of Nashville.  This isn’t commercial music, written to follow fashions and whims, but carefully crafted songs that follow the traditions of his family and a lifetime spent in music.  That’s right – Stephen is from that Flatt family.  Great-Uncle Lester set the bar high but talent evidently runs in the family.  Stephen Flatt shows here that he is on his own musical path, possessing excellent songcraft to match his compelling narrative lyrics and engaging voice.  On the strength of this single, ‘Cumberland Bones’ promises to be an outstanding country record and Flatt’s solo career is one to follow.  Enjoy.

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Martin Johnson

For all of you readers who enjoyed this track AUK has an up and coming interview with Stephen Flatt which will be posted soon.

Gail Morgan

Beautiful voice, but did not like the story in this song,