Video Premiere: Steve Mayone “Missouri Loves Company”

Steve Mayone’s characterful voice stands out on this single from upcoming album ‘Mayone’.  The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has captured an engaging melody and crafted a superb song with ‘Missouri Love Company’.  The new album is due for release on 18th December.  It’s a tribute to ‘McCartney’, released by Paul back in 1970, which is one of Steve Mayone’s personal favourite albums and a source of inspiration.

Written as a response to the classic record, Mayone has attempted to follow the styles, tone and pacing of the original and, in doing so, has managed to create a superb set of songs.  During the early stages of the pandemic lockdown, Mayone wrote the new album, his first solo recording.  It was a source of escape from the turbulent world outside.

He reveals how it came about: “In March 2020 Matt Keating and I were beginning to mix the debut album for our band Bastards Of Fine Arts. Matt contracted the virus in its early stages, and thankfully recovered a few months later. My wife and I were isolated at home with two young kids. My studio was my refuge from the madness of the world. It was not in the plans for me to make a solo album that would be released before our debut album, but I had a sense of urgency. What if I was next to get sick?  Would this be the last thing I make?  I wanted to leave something behind that I would be proud of.  Just in case.”  Well, Steve Mayone can be proud of this a timeless slice of folk-pop.  Enjoy.

Photo credit: Paolo Brillo

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