Video Premiere: Taylor Rae “Taking Space”

Photo credit: Jeremy Ryan

Check out the gorgeous, warm tones of Taylor Rae in this new single from the Austin-based singer-songwriter.  The video was created when the song was recorded at OmniSound Studios in Nashville and, with her resonant vocal and emotive, melodic performance, it captured a magical moment.  Rae explains: “My friend Noah Barlass was in the studio the day I cut this and he decided to shoot a quick video of the moment. It was just spontaneous.”  The focus was on just the acoustic guitar and Rae’s voice and the end result is all the more powerful for the sparseness and the way we are drawn into the song’s weary lyricism.

‘Taking Space’ was written at a challenging point in Rae’s life and that mood is evident in her gentle introspection although there are traces of hope; Rae sings of being, “…lost in plain sight,” but then feeling awake, “After years // Of sleeping in.”  Rae explains: “This song still breaks my heart.  I was at the lowest point of my life.  I had just stepped out of a serious six-year relationship, I had been unemployed for months, and the pandemic was still terrifying. It was time for me to do the inner work.”  Looking back, Rae recognises that the process she went through, aided by her music, was important for building resilience and moving on.  She continues: “I feel ready to take on whatever this next chapter has to offer.”  

‘Taking Space’ is the third single from Rae’s brand new album ‘Mad Twenties’, which is out now.  Although Rae’s music reflects her diverse influences and a range of styles, this acoustic number was chosen as the last track on the album because of the way its simplicity serves to return us to the roots of her music as the record closes.  Recent times have been tough for everyone.  However, Rae’s personal challenges coinciding with the pandemic heightened the sense of constant change, doubt and uncertainty.  Ultimately, these feelings were channeled into her songwriting.  She says: “Patience and trust were the only two things that I could cling on to. I never thought I would say this, but I think 2020 was the most important year of my life. The huge tidal wave, the pivotal moment. And a really brutal end to the chapter that was my mad twenties.  This album represents so much for me. It is a time stamp for that period in my life.”  This is honest, relatable music born out of challenging, emotional times. Give it your attention.

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