Erin Rae “Candy & Curry” – Maybe take one or the other….

Photo: Bridgette Aikens

Erin Rae returns with a new album ‘Lighten Up‘ on February 4th and sees the psychedelic singer-songwriter teaming with oft-times man of the moment Jonathan Wilson as producer.  The album aims to be an amalgam of classic pop, cosmic country and indie rock – reflecting on her musical state of mind ahead of the recording process, Erin Rae stated, ”leading up to making the record I was incredibly into Bobbie Gentry’s records, her up front vocal, and beautiful classic instrumentation with some of the more cinematic recordings of Scott Walker, AND I wanted it to feel like me. Jonathan and I had shared songs back and forth leading up to it, and for the most part I wanted to remain open to what would arise once we got in the room together.

Erin says of the track, “Candy & Curry is essentially a meditation, capturing those early spring days of slowing down in the pandemic. I was living in my friend Taylor’s beautiful, rustic cabin in Madison, TN and we were just cooking and hanging with the animals, and going for lots of walks. Especially then, with touring off the table, there was no choice really but to slow down and reflect. I wrote this song in the kitchen, made a four-track demo on my Tascam, and Jonathan took those thoughts and expanded them into this magical, trippy, and full sound with Jake Blanton on bass, Drew Erickson playing piano, solina, clavinet, harpsichord, and arranging strings. Jonathan was on drums, and running the Rhythm Ace. Writing this was no doubt inspired by many hours of listening to the songs of Andre Ethier and Nashville artists Good Buddy and Lambchop. It’s one of my favourites.

Erin Rae will be playing Celtic Connections on Friday 21st January, and London’s Courtyard Theatre the day before.

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