Video Premiere: The HawtThorns “Time to Move On”

Check out this gorgeous cover of the Tom Petty classic ‘Time to Move On’.  After a year full of challenges, it really is time for a fresh start.  The HawtThorns’ version of the song is buoyant, upbeat and full of restless energy.  KP Hawthorn’s clear, resonant vocal soars, dancing around Petty’s wonderful melody and Johnny Hawthorn delivers fine lap steel guitar over aerial city views, rising and flying towards the final chorus.

The pair explain: “We felt like after being sidelined for a full cycle, Tom Petty expressed our feeling about turning on the engines the best.  We thought putting out a stand-alone single in front of our upcoming album ‘Tarot Cards and Shooting Stars’ would be a great way to ease back in to the wonderful world of music.  It was super fun making this video with Scot Sax and allowing him to be as crazily creative as he wanted to be with the green screen images. Here’s to getting back on the road!”

The video by Scot Sax is a joyful accompaniment, showing the duo riding out in a make-shift, stage-prop car with a dustbin lid for a steering wheel, interspersed found-footage of journeys and various modes of transport.  It works effectively in making the viewer feel upbeat about restarting the world and beginning again.  It’s time to get going.

This husband and wife duo have certainly travelled far from a first date, on which they played songs together.  Soon after they were writing their own, bringing together their respective influences and experience in the music industry to create something new.  Multi-instrumentalist Johnny Hawthorn had played in various bands and released three well-received solo records before they got together.  KP, meanwhile, had been busy putting out acclaimed classic-sounding California country albums with Jaime Wyatt and Manda Mosher as a member of CALICO the band.  Prior to that, KP (as Kirsten Proffit) achieved success as a solo singer-songwriter, whose songs found their way onto TV shows like Dawson’s Creek.  Now, the married couple are looking forward to releasing their second album together.  While you’re waiting, check out this lovely, uplifting cover version; it’ll make you smile and we all need a little of that right now.

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