Video Premiere: Yonder Boys “Eagle Song”

Photo credit: Johannes Gerblinger

Berlin-based trio Yonder Boys have released another absorbing single, once again showcasing their excellent musicianship and their talent for producing music and videos rich in emotion and warm, well-pitched nostalgia.  ‘Eagle Song’ is a consciously sentimental song about deep, lifelong emotional connections with friends and loved ones.  Like previous singles from Yonder Boys, the song features warm, summery guitar and gorgeous vocal harmonies that feel like projections of loving memories.  Vocalist and guitarist Jason Serious merges narrative detail and broader, universal feelings in his excellent lyrics: “I met you once, in an Islington Pub // And you said it all comes down // I believe, that you told me // It all comes down to love.”

The video reinforces all the themes and feel of the music and is truly enjoyable to watch.  It was filmed by David Stewart Ingleton and edited by Nick Scholey, who was instructed to, “…make the people cry.”  Scenes of the band singing and joking around were created in the style of 8mm film, giving the sense of remembering the joys of times gone by.  This was then interspersed with old footage of singer and banjo-player David Stewart Ingleton’s hometown Forster, NSW, Australia.  The original images from 1971 were being shared to Facebook by a man who remembered spending childhood holidays there and he gave permission for Yonder Boys to base the video around them.  There’s a real magic in the way the home video-style footage, lyrics and musical tone make it feel like we are stepping into someone else’s intimate recollections.

Yonder boys are so-named because the band members hail from all over the world.  Ingleton is from Australia, Serious is from the USA while multi-instrumentalist Tomás Peralta, who adds rich double bass, is from Chile.  Together, they have fused a range of diverse influences, including psychedelia, to create a distinctive lush, shimmering sound.  The result is refreshing.  Check out the video and then head over to the new album ‘Acid Folk’.  Enjoy.

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