Video: Single Girl, Married Girl “Wreck Cut Loose”

The video for ‘Wreck Cut Loose’ is an absolute delight.  Over a powerful beat, the songs builds steadily until it culminates in a powerful conclusion.  “I’ve been listening to old country songs,” sings frontwoman and songwriter Chelsey Coy, whose voice soars, demonstrating her range, precision and purity throughout.  The accompanying video begins with an unexpectedly affecting scene in a bar, followed by Coy singing as she walks the streets, hugging folks as she goes.  There’s a lot of hugging and it’s a strangely emotional thing to watch.

The single is taken from new album ‘Three generations of Leaving’.  The record is based on the intriguing and ambitious concept of the narrative tales of three generations of women from the same family: the matriarch, a daughter and an estranged granddaughter.  Of the new material, Coy says: “When writing this album, we didn’t know how much it resembled our own life, and what it would portend – loss, moving on, change, self-doubt, making art, hopefulness, love.”  Her husband and fellow songwriter, Gary Knight, agrees and refers to the various personal issues that have challenged them over the last couple of years: “Art happens on a subconscious level and sometimes it’s only after you’ve written the songs that you look back on them and realise what you’re processing.  During the pandemic we were dealing with our own personal tragedies, and sitting on all these heavy, emotional songs.  It was oddly comforting to have them, but it really underscored all this trauma we were going through. It was like we had written the perfect soundtrack for ourselves. Finally getting to share the music after such an eventful period in our lives represents a bigger release than we would’ve anticipated when we wrote it.”

For excellent songcraft and fine melody, check this out.

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