Video: The Blue Highways “She Moves”

Pounding drums, forceful rhythm and a song bursting with energy; here’s another excellent single from The Blue Highways.  ‘She Moves’ is the second release from the band’s new EP ‘I Wanna Party’, and songs like this do, indeed, make you want to party.  The layers of instruments, including superb keys and organs, and the soaring backing vocals create a full-on, full-band sound.  Above it all, Callum Lury’s dynamic, characterful voice grabs the listener right from the beginning.

Lead vocalist Callum says of the the EP: “I sat down during the Summer in 2020 with a lot of time on my hands and wrote the songs that make up the new EP in the space of about a week. I didn’t necessarily think about it at the time, but looking at it now I think it was just a release for me, the music is at its core just fun bar-band rock ’n’ roll.  We had had a whole host of gigs and festivals lined-up that had just fallen away and missing that connection to playing in a hot, sweaty room, or a huge field packed with people, I just wanted to write something that reminded me of the best bits of playing live.”

It’s no surprise, then, that ‘She Moves’ flows so freely and the band lets loose in such a powerful, uptempo fashion.  For a song about dancing with someone you have a crush on, the band knew they had to channel that feeling into music that actually makes you want to move, something they achieve with great success.

At the heart of The Blue Highways are brothers Jack, Callum and Theo Lury.  Their energetic blend of Americana and rock ‘n’ roll has won over many fans, including Bob Harris.  As well as appearing at numerous festivals and supporting the likes of Robert Vincent, the band already have an acclaimed full-length album to their name, ‘Long Way to the Ground’.  They have followed that up with two outstanding singles.  Enjoy.

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