Video: The Mavericks “Poder Vivir”

It’s hard not to tap your feet and smile when The Mavericks perform.  This is the first single from the band’s first ever collection of Spanish-language songs, a mixture of originals and Latin classics.  ‘En Español’ is a great move from the Grammy-winning band.  Their output is hugely varied, covering a range of styles, but the uplifting, distinctly Maverick sound is a great fit for this.  Raul Malo of The Mavericks says: “This is the record I’ve been wanting the Mavericks to make for a very long time. I’m a first generation Cuban-American, and some of these songs are songs my family would play and sing on weekends at family parties and get-togethers. But it’s not all nostalgia either. There are plenty of new original songs that put this record squarely in the moment for us.”  Enjoy.

Author: Andrew Frolish

From up north but now hiding in rural Suffolk. An insomniac music-lover. Love discovering new music to get lost in - country, singer-songwriters, Americana, rock...whatever. Currently enjoying Lukas Nelson, Midland, Jarrod Dickenson.

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