Video: The Nude Party “Ride On”

Photo credit: Clark Hodgin

The recent single ‘Ride On’ from The Nude Party comes with a striking Western-themed video that is an absolute delight to watch.  It’s brilliantly shot and edited, and the quality of footage gives it the feel of an old movie.  While the visual may be steeped in cinematic nostalgia, the song itself is equally engaging.  ‘Ride On’ is a pulsing, upbeat song, featuring insistent percussion, jangling guitars, soaring backing vocals and a memorable melody.  Immediately likeable, ‘Ride On’ carries a positive message about being resilient and persevering in the face of adversity, riding on in spite of the challenges.

The single is from the brand new album ‘Rides On’, which is due out today 10th March on New West Records.  The pandemic meant that the band were unable to properly tour their last record but a positive to come out of all that extra time is that the band had the opportunity to create their own studio space and decided to produce their next album themselves.  The resulting third album has benefited from the fact that it hasn’t been produced quickly during shortened studio sessions.  Instead, the songs were given time to breathe and the band members were all able to get involved creatively, sharing ideas and composing together.  The more relaxed approach, and the spirit of collaboration, led to a freedom in the music and they’re confident that it is their strongest set of songs yet.  Take the time to absorb the new album and you can also check out the band live at the Red Rooster Festival on 2nd June.  Enjoy.

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