Vishtèn Connexions “Expansion” – the music of life

Photo: Andrew MacInnis

Can there be a time of year when we more need the Americana UK Kinda Folky Instrumental Midweek Break (or the AUKKFIMB as we like to call it).   What with the frantic pace of December, with all the build up to that day and the excitement, and let’s be honest the anxiety, that surrounds it.  I know, we don’t really help what with building the tension as readers chew their fingernails away at the suspense  over what will be in the next Jingle Bells Friday.  So, in as much as  we are part of the problem we offer a short moment to pause and be part of the solution, with this calming contribution from Vishtèn Connexions.

Acadian roots duo (formerly trio) Vishtèn have joined forces with two members – Rowen Gallant and Jesse Périard – of highly acclaimed group Ten Strings & A Goat Skin, to create the second single and title track for the upcoming EP ‘Expansion.’ After the passing of  Vishtèn member Pastelle LeBlanc, remaining members Emmanuelle LeBlanc and Pascal Miousse created Vishtèn Connexions, working with other artists as a solution to moving forward with her in spirit.

The piece takes inspiration from a moment in time, dating back to January 23, 2022,” says Vishtèn’s Emmanuelle LeBlanc, “when Pastelle’s phone captured her lilting mouth music, a melodic idea that seemed to emerge from the heart of the universe.” LeBlanc creatively took these musical fragments and skillfully wove them together to complete the piece. “Expansion” is a musical representation of the ultimate aspiration: to expand, evolve, and grow.

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