What should I do, Americana UK?

Following on from last time’s meteorological issue we found that the floodgates had been opened to the physical sciences.  Today we find that Canadian Joni Mitchell has a problem that could be regarded as a combination of the cartographical and the geological.  Sitting down in our office Joni spilled the beans “I guess it’s too early“, she said – although it was well after noon – “and I just don’t know where I stand.” She also mentioned some issues of a more emotional nature, but we quickly focused on this as the real problem. How can you do anything in life if you don’t even know your current location?

We thought of “maps that unfolded” as suggested by Agony Aunt and Uncle Rennie and Brett, but thought this was already getting too far ahead.  “We should start at the simplest point” proffered Agony Uncle Michael Stipe, his band-mates concurring.  “Your feet are going to be on the ground, your head is there to move you around” he added.  “Don’t forget your compass” chipped in Peter Buck.  “Face North” cried Bill Berry.  “Now face West!” encouraged Mike Mills.  “Feet, ground, North, West and a compass!” – Joni grinned, it would be easy from here on in.

As a bonus the video accompanying the song includes a simple aerobic workout – offering the chances to both know where you are and enjoy a bouncy way to get fit at the same time.

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