What should I do, Americana UK ?

We entered, as you’ll doubtless recall, on this quest to determine whether music has the answer to all our problems with a sense of optimism tempered with realism.  Today’s concern is one of those knotty problems of the Gordian type.  Patrick Gubler, of P.G. Six, approached us with a stream of queries, one of which at least we interpreted as being euphemistic.  After the split it seems that he’s still thinking about the girl, “If the sweet the words that you say to your lover are the same I can’t hang on you the blame,” which is a healthy response, but – and here comes the euphemism – he’s really worried about dancing.  Or, as he asked rhetorically “I wonder if you dance, are your eyes fixed on each other in romance?

Well – tricky.  Mostly tricky on how to break the news to the poor sap, and probably something that’s best addressed in an open and direct way.  Which led to a discourse on how adults in a romantic relationship quite often do, ahem, “dance.”  We were though, perhaps, skirting the issue just a little – until agony uncle Nils Lofgren chimed in with a timely contribution which cut to the chase asserting that, like most people, he “came to dance.”  And that’s the truth of it Patrick: your ex’ and her new pal, very probably dancing.


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