Whitehorse “If The Loneliness Don’t Kill Me” – remember the pandemic?

Photo: Lyle Bell

Canadian band Whitehorse (Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet) have eight albums to their name, the most recent being ‘I’m not Crying, You’re Crying‘ from which today’s spin-on-the-pandemic theme song is taken.  The spin being that Whitehorse had been planning to do an album of covers before the pandemic and the lockdowns hit, but that got shelved as Luke Doucet mined a rich songwriting vein.  As Melissa McClelland explains: “Luke was like staying up late every night and writing all the songs about lockdown, and then he all of a sudden had like this collection of songs about lockdown that was stunning, and so I was like, oh, okay, I’m going to shift my thinking and start writing thematically.

The results of that shift include today’s song which includes the ironic refrain “If the loneliness don’t kill me, then the good times surely will.

Whitehorse will be playing the Americana Music Association UK’s showcase festival in Hackney, appearing at The Moth Club on January the 25th at 8:50 prompt.  It had better be prompt ‘cos it’s a fair distance to Paper Dress Vintage to catch Darling West at 9:30.  Ah, clashing festival stages – how we have missed you.

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