Whitney K “Ode To The Old Ways” – not cottage core….

A new single, from the new album ‘Vivi‘ which came out last Thursday.  It has, as you’ll be hearing by now if you have any sense, the sound of a live album, but it’s actually a semi-live/studio album recorded at the end of their first EU tour.  There’s a whole lot of people you’ll be thinking of during ‘Ode To The Old Ways‘, maybe Lou Reed, maybe Chuck Prophet, and, yeah, maybe The Modern Lovers.  All good touchstones, but Whitney K is a musician in his own right.

Whitney K suggests that ‘Vivi‘ builds on previous releases for its power –  and the thought is proffered up that if ‘Two Years’ was the thunder, the rawness and the spirit, a combination of outsider folk, modern psych, grit, humor and everything in between, ‘Hard To Be A God’ was the sophistication, the dedication, the mind traveling far and beyond… ‘Vivi!’ is the hot sauce missing, the perfect setting, the inevitable gift, really putting the word ‘motion’ behind the poetry, the electricity carrying the rollicking combo, the road opening up literally wide and infinite and the wide-eyed dreams becoming a coliseum standing in front of the chaos.

Hyperbolic?  Nah, not really.  Hit play and you get to agree that this is a track that deserves the appellation “Ace“.

Whitney K has some upcoming UK dates as part of his European tour:
31/08/2023 UK London The Lexington
01/09/2023 UK Newcastle The Lubber Fiend
03/09/2023 UK End of the Road Festival
04/09/2023 UK Birmingham Hare & Hounds


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