Wilderado “In Between” – neither here nor yet there

Photo: Laura Webster

Wilderado must have a great affection for this song – it first appeared as a single, emerging from the sessions for the band’s second album.  Quick on the heels of that release came a live version with Ken Pomeroy on vocal and guitar and Muskrat Jones (Colter Wall) on pedal steel.  And now here we are with a third version, featuring Matt Berninger of The National. The track came about thanks to one of the song’s producers James McAlister, who works closely with The National and their affiliated projects. When McAlister and Chad Copelin first recorded and produced the single in Norman, OK with Wilderado they all thought ‘In Between‘ would sound even better with Berninger on the track. The song made its way to him via McAlister and Berninger said yes, and quickly added his contribution.

And, not to put it too mildly, they were right – the song sounds awesome with the addition of Matt Berninger.  To celebrate this awesomeness the band reached out to Edd Carr to produce a suitably impressive lyric video, which you can find just a little further down the page.  Edd Carr’s moving image work has been exhibited worldwide, including Louis Vuitton’s “Coming of Age Exhibition” in memory of Virgil Abloh, DAZED CIRCA exhibited on London’s Piccadilly Circus screen and Tokyo’s Yunika Vision, projection on Denver Clocktower, Colorado, The Tetley, Leeds, The Whitworth, Manchester, Fashion Film Festival Milan, and more.

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