Zach Berkman “My Old Friend” – nothing changes unless we change

Photo: Nicole Mago

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Zach Berkman has released ‘My Old Friend,’ the newest single from his forthcoming LP, ‘The Heart Of’, out on November 10th via Brooklyn Basement Records.  The wintery imagery of the song, sung over a sparse arrangement is a metaphor for a wish to reconnect as Berkman explains: “‘My Old Friend’ is about reaching out to a loved one after a cold spell, or being reached out to by a long-lost loved one. Either way, belonging seems to be an excellent treatment for doubt.

For the recording of ‘The Heart Of‘ Berkman enlisted the help of long-standing favorites: his best friend and co-producer on the project, Ron Pope, sang and played banjo and electric guitar. Justin Glasco (formerly of The Lone Bellow) played drums, percussion, piano, and organ, Rachel Ries (Her Crooked Heart, Anais Mitchell, Kith and Kin Chorus) lent her guitar, accordion, vocal, and piano skills, and Jeff Malinowski sang and played bass and acoustic guitars. Berkman and his studio crew set up a studio in his family’s rejuvenated farmhouse located in rural Michigan.

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