Lucinda, Steve, Dwight – it’s the LSD tour!

Have a good weekend dear readers whatever you get up to (my weekend is set). News from RS Country today of a tour that’d be worth remortgaging your house to go and see (since there are currently no dates outside of the US). They report: “Three of the most acclaimed country and Americana artists of the past three decades are teaming for a North American tour this summer. Dubbed the LSD Tour, a clever play on their first names, it will feature singer-songwriters Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam all taking the stage at theaters and amphitheaters across the country. Continue reading “Lucinda, Steve, Dwight – it’s the LSD tour!”

Dan Hartland “Great Novels” (Independent, 2018)

It’s always good to come across homegrown talent which is what is firmly on show here with the first full length record from Dan Hartland. Intelligent lyrics, hummable melodies and some rather fancy top notch guitar playing all add up to a very listenable eleven track album. The title track ‘Great Novels’ is, as the title hints, all about writing and inspiration accompanied solely by Hartland’s guitar which on this track in particular is top drawer and indicative of the overall folk acoustic style. Continue reading “Dan Hartland “Great Novels” (Independent, 2018)”

Brady Harris Band “NoHo Calling” (Independent, 2018)

Opening with the Devoesque ‘Let’s Live’ which is all new wave rhythms and hand claps with catchy choruses, you think you have a handle on The Brady Harris band and their new platter ‘NOHO Calling’ (that’s North Hollywood to you and me!) But the next track ‘Raise a Glass’ is pure barrelhouse boozer blues of the soft country lament variety, all crisp shuffle snare and sweet guitar and piano solos . It could be 1am and the bourbon has run out without it being messy. Continue reading “Brady Harris Band “NoHo Calling” (Independent, 2018)”

Stream the new Neil Young album “Paradox”

Which was also the name of a Liverpool nightclub from the 90s (Paradox that is, not Neil Young – although what a great name for a nightclub).  Stereogum are reporting this morning that hot on the heels of ‘The Visitor’, Neil Young’s latest album with Promise Of The Real as his backing band, he’s now he’s releasing another album, ‘Paradox’, once again backed by Promise Of The Real along with Jim Keltner, Paul Bushnell, and Joe Yankee and a whole orchestra. Continue reading “Stream the new Neil Young album “Paradox””

The Decemberists “I’ll Be Your Girl” (Capitol Records, 2018)

Everything you’ve heard about ‘I’ll Be Your Girl’ is true – it’s a glorious confection that is spectacularly different from everything that has gone before. And yet it’s also so recognisably in keeping with everything that The Decemberists have ever done. The big difference is that synthesizers and keyboards are given a prominence not heard since ‘The Hazards of Love’, but unlike that coherent experiment in developing a folk-rock opera in the mode of, but so much better than, Jethro Tull ‘I’ll be your Girl’ plays with different styles – from ecstatic release to the Floydesque and through various modes of British influenced Glam-rock.  Continue reading “The Decemberists “I’ll Be Your Girl” (Capitol Records, 2018)”

Pick of the Political Pops: Clarence Gatemouth Brown “Information Blues”

This week when we came to boot up our trusty BBC Micro (younger readers might need to Google that) in order to check our social media we were surprised to learn that, via Netscape Navigator (younger readers might need to Google that too), all and sundry knew everything about us from our shoe sizes to our off-shore bank account numbers. Actually on closer inspection it became obvious that marketing companies didn’t know that about us because we have our profile set up in such a way that we identify as mixed race, non-binary, early twenty-somethings. Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Clarence Gatemouth Brown “Information Blues””

Joel Levi “Will We Ever Change” – Listen

Joel Levi is blessed with a strong and mellifluous voice, and it’s put to good use on this new single from his upcoming self-titled debut album, due out in May.  The Nashville based singer draws on that evergreen area of inspiration – marital disputes.  Is she at fault?  Is he ? Is it both?  Is it neither?  Will they work it out?  Maybe, there’s some hope as Levi honestly sings “I don’t want to talk about this later / I’ve got to tell you how I feel”.

John Mellencamp speaks plainly in May on new DVD/CD

Songwriter, storyteller, musician, actor, artist, social activist and fishmonger John Mellencamp has announced the release of ‘Plain Spoken: From The Chicago Theatre’  which comes out on DVD+CD, Blu-ray+CD, and digital formats on May 11th. “Try to keep it as plain spoken as possible…” are the first words you hear in this self-narrated musical journey which steps outside the boundaries of a concert film or documentary and blends personal voice-overs from Mellencamp with live footage of him performing with his full band at the Chicago Theatre, 250 miles from his native Indiana. Mellencamp tells the story of his Midwestern upbringing, the trials, turns and triumphs of his career, and his overall outlook on life while the music plays, supporting his stories.  Continue reading “John Mellencamp speaks plainly in May on new DVD/CD”

Rebecca Turn “Waves EP” (Independent 2018)

A Porthcawl native, Hurn was plucked from playing local open mic sessions as her reputation was spreading by none other than Pixie Lott showing a canny knack for spotting a talent.
A glorious voice, mature beyond her years and thankfully lacking the affectations of many of her contemporaries, drives this small collection of pop-inflected whimsy and wistfulness. Patently heading for ‘pop’ success it would be a shame if some of the freshness and verve is lost on the way because this is smashing stuff. Continue reading “Rebecca Turn “Waves EP” (Independent 2018)”