Sounding Arrow “Loving Is Breathing” (California Country, 2017)

These songs have a vibe that, if it sat up a little, would be horizontal, a blissed out California sun-kissed feeling. They (rather Scott Kinnebrew) are infected with an enthusiasm for the present and for the near future that is as yet untainted with cynicism. The days where you still feel immortal, where mortgages and careers haven’t kicked in, where what you have is just enough. Remember when you could pack up your room in less than an hour and move on? The lazy country rock sound wraps the songs in a comfort blanket – everything is beautiful, everything is filled with love, pleasure is skateboarding, oh how I yearn for those days.

A song entitled Beautiful Life shouldn’t surprise. Staring at the ocean, lazing in bed in the mornings, the guitars soft as billowing clouds, drums muffled, bass like a chilled heartbeat, nothing to disturb the peaceful status quo. Listening is relaxing – there are no sharp edges, instead it’s a wash of gentle pleasures, the harmonies a little stoned, full of hugs. It says something when the most jarring moment is the cover of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

This record is like a capsule of sunshine, a flickering firefly keeping summer alive. Take it out and listen when the frosts begin to bite and at least your heart will be warm.




I wish they all could be California bands

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