Passenger to stream live broadcast this afternoon

Passenger’s beauty of a new album ‘Runaway’ is currently sitting at number 5 in the midweek album chart here in the UK, which we described as “one of the definitive americana albums of 2018” full of lapsteel and harmonised loveliness as it is.  He’s playing a tightly packed Manchester Albert Hall tonight which is sold out but fear not if you haven’t got a ticket as he’s broadcasting a kind of soundcheck come free performance live below from 4.30pm. Click play, stick your headphones on and pretend you’re working on a spreadsheet if you’re still at work. Passenger’s ‘Let Her Go’ recently hit 2 billion streams on YouTube. Mind you, next year we might be saying the same for this track, God help us all.

Luluc “Sculptor” (Sub Pop, 2018)

Here we have an ethereal, indie-folksy offering from the legendary Sub Pop label. Australians Zoe Randall and Steve Hassett (now Brooklyners) have a host of Grade A fans and collaborators (Sleater Kinny, The National, J Mascis) to call on. This is Luluc’s third album and it’s beautifully downbeat, or perhaps a downbeat beauty. Instrumentation is minimal and fractured throughout. Continue reading “Luluc “Sculptor” (Sub Pop, 2018)”

Interview: Felix Holt

Hailing from leafy Muswell Hill, a mere stone’s throw from The Kink’s own KONK studios, it’s no wonder Felix Holt has his head spinning with sixties sensibility and a plethora of killer tunes.  The young troubadour has made quite an impact this year, releasing his debut album and playing a number of very well received live shows.  Americana-UK’s Mark Underwood caught up with Holt to discuss influences, inspirations and how life is as ‘The Next Big Nobody’.    Continue reading “Interview: Felix Holt”

Eoin Glackin “High King Falls” – Listen

It may have a traditional sound to it, but this rocking offering from Eoin Glackin rails against a creeping conformity brought by the endless screeching of bullies, on-line trolls and disinformation.  ‘High King Falls‘ is the lead single from Eoin Glackin’s  upcoming album ‘Fires of Innocence‘ which is out on the 28th of September.  On it he covers subjects such as going off-grid, and, on ‘Wear It While You Can’, the story of Kathryn Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon who endured officials trying to tear her number off mid-race as it was a ‘men only’ event.  It may contain the line “jeez, what is wrong with us?  Really, what is it with us?” – you’ll have to listen to the album to find out.

Owlbiter “Stud Farm” (Independent, 2018)

Owlbiter is the moniker adopted by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Matt Cascella and August 10th saw the release of his debut LP ‘Stud Farm’ which also premiered right here on AUK. Utilising the people around him, namely James Downes, holding down guitar and production duties, Jeff Doyle on keyboards, Jimmy O’Donnell on trombone and Cascella’s fiance, Jen Cordery providing backing vocals, Cascella set out to record a minimalist set of songs, especially in terms of percussion, (which might come as a surprise as he was formerly a drummer) and the result is a lo-fi collection that lets the music speak for itself without the glitz and glamour of a big studio affair. Continue reading “Owlbiter “Stud Farm” (Independent, 2018)”

Erin Rae, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, 30th August 2018

“Corpsing” is actor-speak for having an unscripted fit of laughter onstage : so-called because the worst time to suffer a fit of the giggles is when an actor is playing a corpse. The sort of corpse more readily associated with a venue called The Slaughtered Lamb however might be found in the film ‘An American Werewolf in London’ where two gauche American tourists visiting a pub of the same name are subject to a frosty welcome from inhospitable locals before being attacked outside by a werewolf. This is by way of introduction to the fact that at the midpoint of tonight’s gig Erin Rae and her main musical collaborator, Jerry Bernhardt, suffered an extended attack of the giggles that continued over the entire course of the song ‘Playing Old Games.’ Although something of an unprecedented occurrence, there was no frosty welcome for these visiting Americans, the audience happily indulgent throughout this episode, as well as the entirety of the whole set. Continue reading “Erin Rae, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, 30th August 2018”

Lyman Ellerman “I Wish I Was A Train” (Woodshed Resistance, 2018)

Lyman Ellerman is based in Bon Aqua, Tennessee and has written all the songs and, with Jason Morgan, produced this remarkable record. Listening and being drawn into the eleven tracks, one can’t fail to draw up a picture of the humanity of Lyman that makes him so remarkable. His voice, his guitar work, and the power of his lyrics just underline this presence. Bigger Plans,’ the first track, is a confident, thought provoking, and uptempo starter. You get the measure of Lyman straight away. His words are full of wise warnings of the vicissitudes of life. It’s no good being “bound and chained to your treasures” or “shackled to your fears.” The fact is you’ll never see what’s really coming. “Foundations will crumble,”  because you’ll never see what’s really coming, being “too busy making bigger plans.” And the message is swayed up by fine guitar work, here and throughout the album. Continue reading “Lyman Ellerman “I Wish I Was A Train” (Woodshed Resistance, 2018)”

Glorietta “Losers Lament” – Listen

Glorietta is a coming together of a group of friends – Noah Gundersen,  Kelsey Wilson(Wild Child),  David Ramirez, Grammy award winner  Adrian Quesada (Brownout, Black Pumas),  Jason Robert Blum and Matthew Logan Vasquez.  Over the course of nine-day recording session in a rented house in Glorieta – just outside of Santa Fe – they kept the tape running constantly as the players brought ideas for songs in various stages of completion.  Mid way through the sessions the group was joined by a guest appearance from  Nathaniel Rateliff who drove straight through the night to join the party.  The result is their self-titled debut record; a beautiful mix of voices from six band leaders that fit perfectly together like a low-fidelity puzzle.  The album was released on August 24th, and here’s a taster.