Josh Taerk “Beautiful Tragedy” (Misty Creek Records, 2018)

Canadian singer-songwriter Josh Taerk, pronounced ‘Turk,’ has, in his relatively short career, garnered praise along the way from some high-profile names such as John Oates (Hall & Oates) and Max Weinberg (E Street Band), along with some eye-popping headlines from esteemed publications such as The Bournemouth Daily Echo – “Rising star hailed as the new boss”. Continue reading “Josh Taerk “Beautiful Tragedy” (Misty Creek Records, 2018)”

Robby Hecht & Caroline Spence, The Harrow, High Wycombe, 26th August 2018

It is a healthy sign for the Americana scene in the UK when a smallish pub in the countryside outside High Wycombe attracts 50 people to see an hour and a half of charming live music. Caroline Spence and Robby Hecht each have their own careers and solo albums but obviously they take great delight in writing, recording and gigging together. Their new album, ‘Two People,’ is traditional Americana with warm, personal songs well written and intimately performed. Continue reading “Robby Hecht & Caroline Spence, The Harrow, High Wycombe, 26th August 2018”

Woody Woodworth “Virginia” (Independent, 2018)

Listening to the new album from Woody Woodworth and his band The Piners from Richmond, Virginia, is a deeply joyous experience and marks the emergence of a singer-songwriter who should prove to be a major and enduring talent on the Americana scene. Regardless of how many Americana tropes are present – acoustic guitar, fiddle, mournful vocals and so forth – there’s something about his music that’s utterly convincing. He has that ache in his voice that imbues his every word with portent and meaning. Continue reading “Woody Woodworth “Virginia” (Independent, 2018)”