Joe Kaplow “Time Spent In Between” (Independent, 2019)

Joe Kaplow is unlikely to be a name familiar to many. Living in what he fondly refers to as “the rich Santa Cruz music community” Kaplow has found himself a base from which he can devote himself to his songwriting craft. Recording his music within the very walls where he resides, Kaplow has now released his debut album. Continue reading “Joe Kaplow “Time Spent In Between” (Independent, 2019)”

The Nelson Brothers “The Good In Goodbye” – Listen

Taken from the new album by the British duo ‘The Nashville Sessions‘, this track features Gretchen Wilson singing lead on The Nelson Brother’s ‘The Good in Goodbye‘.  It’s upbeat Country, with a nice line in sassy lyrics that drop in  a few familiar references : “You can bet I don’t regret it / I crossed you off my list / You had my number, now forget it / Baby you won’t be missed / You put the good in goodbye / And the hell in hello.”  Thankfully Gretchen Wilson has a sweeter vocal than Lee Marvin.

Video Premiere: The Jorgensens “Storyville”

Now this, this is just wonderful.  A slinky soulful song by Kurt Jorgensen and Brianna Tagg-Jorgensen from their forthcoming album ‘The Lexington Stretch‘, out on September 13th.  If there’s any more like this one it (and there will be we’re sure), it’ll be an essential acquisition.  They’re also playing a release show In St.Paul on September 14th.

Michael Clancy “Songbird” EP (Independent, 2019)

Michael Clancy is an English songwriter from Colchester, Essex. Now before you click on to the next review, please read on a bit. His five-track ‘Songbird’ EP reveals him to be a very accomplished songwriter. The words, ‘simple’, ‘gentle’, ‘easy’ or ‘soft’, in many reviews might be used as terms of denigration.  Clancy’s songs possess each of those qualities but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they are bland easy listening. Like the very best songwriters, Clancy has the ability to write in an economic style whereby less is more. There a few obvious hooks, yet the songs are deceptively catchy. They don’t grab you instantly but rather they subtly work their way inside you. Continue reading “Michael Clancy “Songbird” EP (Independent, 2019)”

Tyler Ramsey announces UK dates for autumn

Tyler Ramsey, the former Band of Horses co-writer and lead guitarist, has today announced his return to the UK, this time with full band, following his sold-out solo show at St Pancras Old Church in May of this year which we reviewed in rather glowing terms. As well as a headline show at London’s Bush Hall on 30th October, Tyler and his band will also play Glasgow and Manchester, before heading into Europe for a 13- date run. Continue reading “Tyler Ramsey announces UK dates for autumn”

Dry Stick “Annualis Naturalis” (Nordic Music Society, 2019)

Truth be told, an artist name evocative of trees and an album title in Latin more than likely sparks images of neo-hippies lamenting on their ukuleles. But don’t take that for granted, as Dry Stick delivers an edgy first album that sounds sweet as a dove, and still rocks big time. The puppet master behind Dry Stick is the Danish songwriter and brilliant instrumentalist Kudre Haan. Continue reading “Dry Stick “Annualis Naturalis” (Nordic Music Society, 2019)”

Jesse Malin shares new video from forthcoming album – Watch

Jesse Malin has shared the video for ‘Room 13’, the lead track from his Lucinda Williams-produced new album ‘Sunset Kids’, which is due out August 30th via Wicked Cool Records/Velvet Elk. Continue reading “Jesse Malin shares new video from forthcoming album – Watch”

Dylan Stewart “The Scarecrow Sessions” (Independent, 2019)

They used to say that Leonard Cohen wrote songs to slash your wrists to and whilst Dylan Stewart’s fourth album ‘The Scarecrow Sessions’ isn’t quite in that league, it certainly isn’t an album to blow away the blues. Dylan Stewart is renowned for writing some of his best work in the dead of night, or when he’s in the depth of grief, and it shows on this collection of twelve numbers.  Continue reading “Dylan Stewart “The Scarecrow Sessions” (Independent, 2019)”

Forgotten artists: Leon Russell

Elton John, surprisingly to me, declared great respect for Leon Russell as Russell’s career and life were coming to an end. Indeed I felt a bit affronted that the king of tinsel, both visually and musically, could be associated with a talent like Russell. However if you consider John’s early incarnation as an honorary west coast singer-songwriter on albums such as ‘Tumbleweed Connections’ (‘Ballad of a Well Known Gun’, for instance) then it made much more sense.  Continue reading “Forgotten artists: Leon Russell”

Box of Moxie “Bounty From The Seas” – Listen

Virginia based Box of Moxie released the single ‘Bounty from the Seas‘ as a taster for their new album ‘Salt Water Magic‘.  Over an orchestral arrangement singer-songwriter Stephen Jacques growls his contemplations of the once bounteous sea’s of his childhood that now are faced with being “an overfished mess…I’ve seen good stewards but there’s too many fishing boats“.  With the interplay of strings and guitars the song takes on a hypnotic quality somewhere between ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and the dream-pop of Mercury Rev.