Sammy Kay “civil/WAR” (Independent, 2019)

Sammy Kay has picked a stonking opening track for his new album ‘civil/War’. Straight from the off the gravelly-voiced New Jersey singer-songwriter grabs your attention with the superb ‘Silver Dollar’ and quickly backs it up with the excellent ‘Forgotten Ones’. ‘civil/WAR’ is an album where Kay seems to rediscover himself having been seemingly disillusioned with touring and the music business. Continue reading “Sammy Kay “civil/WAR” (Independent, 2019)”

Diesel Park West “Let it Melt” (Palo Santo Records, 2019)

Leicester’s Diesel Park West are one of rock’s great survivors. Their debut album ‘Shakespeare Alabama’ was rightly acclaimed then and now as a minor classic and even gave them a small whiff of commercial success, but apart from that their forty-odd year career has been a familiar tale of record company problems, critical indifference and commercial doldrums, in the face of which they’ve never lost their belief and have kept keeping on keeping on, writing proper songs, making proper rock’n’roll, playing proper foot-stomping shows and emerging into 2019 bloodied but unbowed. Continue reading “Diesel Park West “Let it Melt” (Palo Santo Records, 2019)”

Don Gallardo feat. Lilly Winwood “In the Name of Good Intentions” (JTM Music, 2019)

With his heart in the Americana sound, coming out of his long-time East Nashville residence, but with roots that are firmly in the soil of California, it should probably come as no surprise that Don Gallardo produces music that merges the twang of country with 1970s Laurel Canyon influences. Gallardo’s latest addition to an already very highly regarded body of work is the seven-track EP ‘In The Name of Good Intentions’ and it is fair to say that this small but perfectly formed piece of work can only add to that burgeoning reputation.
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Black Sea Dahu “How You Swallowed Your Anger” – Listen

Black Sea Dahu’s Janine Cathrein, the Swiss songwriter, found herself musing after two failed relationships that there was nothing left for her on land – this thought went swimming through her brain whilst surfing.  Desperate thoughts though are grist to the songwriting mill – so out of this low-point came a new five-song EP ‘No Fire in the Sand‘ which is released today. Continue reading “Black Sea Dahu “How You Swallowed Your Anger” – Listen”

Will Beeley “Heartattacks & Highways” (Tompkins Square, 2019)

Texan trucker Will Beeley proffers his overdue follow up to his 1979 drifter ballad album. This album is as slow and considered as the big horizons and roads upon which it was written. Almost forty years after his previous and debut album, this truckin’ man creaks out a story of life on the road, Jack Daniels, and of singing lullabies to grandkids. Continue reading “Will Beeley “Heartattacks & Highways” (Tompkins Square, 2019)”

Hoth Brothers “Workin’ and Dreamin’” (Independent, 2019)

When you harness the old mountain sounds of roots music (banjo, fiddle, mandolin etc.), it better be underpinned by some really good songs, or have something really worthwhile to say. Otherwise your offerings are little more than those of a ‘denim dungarees and hay bales’ variety show turn. New Mexico’s Hoth Brothers (spoiler alert: one of the brothers is clearly female) save us from any such suffering – they’ve got simple, unfussy songs with strong lyrics in abundance. Continue reading “Hoth Brothers “Workin’ and Dreamin’” (Independent, 2019)”

The Blue Highways “He Worked EP” (Independent, 2019)

Brothers in bands huh? Often fraught, sometimes fragile and rarely friendly. It can end badly but there is also the potential for genuine magic, which can seem harder for sibling-free groups to reach. The Blue Highways have three of them: Lurys in the name of Callum (Vocals & rhythm guitar), Theo (drums) and Jack (lead guitar). It’s not possible to vouch for their relationship or how it will develop in the band but, together with bassist Pete Dixon, they are currently looking set for a measure of success with the release of their rootsy yet soulful debut EP.
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Carter Sampson announces October/November tour dates

Carter Sampson burst onto the European Americana scene with the release of her album ‘Wilder Side’ in 2016 and the six follow up tours within the year of release. She’s making that seven now with the release of her album ‘Lucky’ last year (which we gave a glowing 9 to, describing it as “Sampson’s best album to date, and one of the best Americana albums of the year so far”) preceding a tour this autumn which will take her to the Netherlands, England and Scotland. Continue reading “Carter Sampson announces October/November tour dates”