Classic Album Review: Cowboy Junkies “The Trinity Session” (RCA, 1988)

This is arguably the slowest album ever recorded. It is surely ironic, therefore, that it was recorded in (almost) a single session on 27th November 1987 with no mixing, overdubs or edits. The recording was made on a single Calrec Ambisonic Microphone in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto. The church was picked for its natural reverb and the session was booked under The Timmins Family Singers for a Christmas special. Continue reading “Classic Album Review: Cowboy Junkies “The Trinity Session” (RCA, 1988)”

Willie Nelson to release new album “First Rose of Spring”

Willie Nelson has announced the release of his 70th (!) solo studio album (and 14th for the Legacy label)–on Friday, April 24 (right before Willie’s 87th birthday on April 29th). The record is described as “an atmospheric soulful showcase of beautifully-written songs and poignant performances” and is Nelson’s first new release since winning the 2020 Best Country Solo Performance Grammy Award–Willie’s 10th overall, not including his Grammy Legend and Lifetime Achievement Awards–for ‘Ride Me Back Home’ the title track from his 2019 release. Continue reading “Willie Nelson to release new album “First Rose of Spring””

US Rails “Mile By Mile” (Blue Rose, 2020)

The US Rails are a group of Philadelphia based musicians, all of whom follow their own musical careers, but come together periodically to record and tour as a band. ‘Mile By Mile’ is their fifth album of original material in ten years, which is a fairly good ratio given their other commitments. Known for their vocal harmonies and rootsy sound, their new release places them on a slightly different track, one that is underpinned by a more straightforward rock sound. Continue reading “US Rails “Mile By Mile” (Blue Rose, 2020)”

Video: The Blue Highways “Long Way to the Ground”

Following their 2019 EP, The Blue Highways release their debut album on 13th March.  Here is the new video for the title track, ‘Long Way to the Ground’, which uses the symbol of a blindfold to explore the idea that we can be blinded by fear and avoid taking risks.  We can all associate with the challenge of facing up to our insecurities.  The London-based band have been building a following with appearances at AmericanaFest, Ramblin’ Roots, C2C and Summertyne.  The Blue Highways were identified as ‘ones to watch’ by the Americana Music Association UK and, indeed, they are.  Enjoy.

Peter Bruntnell’s “Normal For Bridgewater” turns 21

Call us gifted with foresight – or maybe it’s just a case of great minds thinking alike – but we had recent cause to feature Peter Bruntnell’s song ‘N.F.B.’ in our regular ‘Song for the Apocalypse’ feature, while ‘By the Time My Head Gets to Phoenix’ – also from the same album – was included in our recent article on ‘10 songs for lovers of great songwriting’. Continue reading “Peter Bruntnell’s “Normal For Bridgewater” turns 21″

Nathaniel Rateliff “And It’s Still Alright” (Stax, 2020)

It was no secret that the new album from Nathaniel Rateliff would take on weightier subjects than what you’ll find in his work with the Night Sweats. Rateliff was open about the central role that dealing with the breakup of his marriage and the loss of a close friend played in writing the songs for the album. The singles that were released ahead of the full album certainly lived up to the expectations that the artist had set for the project. Now that the rest of the album has been released, listeners get to experience the work as a whole. Continue reading “Nathaniel Rateliff “And It’s Still Alright” (Stax, 2020)”

Avi Kaplan “It Knows Me” – Listen

On ‘It Knows Me‘ Avi Kaplan brings a dark and deep baritone to the wilderness folk dominated by drums and echoes – it has a high mountains at night fall feel to it.  Wide-open spaces, no-one else around and an encroaching darkness which can either be feared or embraced – Avi Kaplan goes for the embraced option. Continue reading “Avi Kaplan “It Knows Me” – Listen”

Chuck Prophet announces new album

Guitar god Chuck Prophet has some good news for us all – May 15th will see his latest album ‘The Land that Time Forgot‘ carried shoulder high into the streets by Yep Roc.  We don’t like to go too hyperbolic, but it’s fairly safe to predict that this one’s going straight to the top of the Americana charts.  Why so sure?  Dude – Chuck Prophet! Need we say more? We need not. Continue reading “Chuck Prophet announces new album”

Video: Pokey LaFarge “Fuck Me Up”

Pokey LaFarge dressed as the devil! Pokey LaFarge singing from his coffin at his own funeral!  The gloriously creative and cinematic new video from LaFarge is a great, colourful accompaniment to his sound, which manages to feel both fresh and old-time simultaneously.  His new album, ‘Rock Bottom Rhapsody’, is his first in over three years and will drop on 10th April.  After LaFarge moved to Los Angeles, the new songs came quickly but so did new temptations and a fall from grace.  The album promises to reflect those dark times.

Forgotten Artists – Shelby Lynne

Shelby Lynne, or to give her the name she was christened with, Shelby Lynn Moorer is, as many will know, the (slightly) older sister of Allison Moorer. Yet while Allison seems to go from strength to strength and be feted as a darling of the Nashville scene, Shelby Lynne always seems to be struggling for recognition on the wider stage. Continue reading “Forgotten Artists – Shelby Lynne”