Ace of Wands “Float the Flood” – Listen

It is possible that Toronto-based  Ace of Wands aren’t tipping their hat to the series that pre-dated The Tomorrow People in that long gone age of children’s TV where the occult and sub-wickerman stories were deemed suitable for impressionable young minds.  Or, maybe they are.  Whichever, this track is a great and powerful way to kick-start the post-bank holiday week.  Ace of Wands features the songwriting of Lee Rose, with Anna Mernieks and Jody Brumell making up the band.  Of ‘Float the Flood‘ Lee Rose has said “I wrote this song as a way of getting in touch with some of my truths that usually get buried in metaphor in my lyrics. With this song I tried to be as blunt as possible about my anger, self-loathing and shame.”  Blunt indeed, we feel we should warn readers of a nervous (or sheltered) disposition that if they listen to this track they will encounter the word ‘fuck‘.  More than once.  So, if you don’t want to hear the word ‘fuck‘ sung over a wildly raucous power-pop meets rock accompaniment then move along now, move along.

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