Amelia Coburn “Sleepy Town” – rejecting the poison

Photo: Mike Sreenan

Sleepy Town‘ is  the third and final single from Amelia Coburn’s debut album ‘Between The Moon and The Milkman‘ which was produced by Bill Ryder-Jones released on March 8th.  It’s a driven electric folk tune of moving forward and never looking back – rejected love is behind and the future is unveiling itself ahead.

Working with Bill Ryder-Jones has allowed Amelia to turn her delicate ukulele arrangements into a sumptuous collection of tales that take in a whole host of characters met in the dark shadows of literature, late night film noir screenings and formative travels in unfamiliar lands whilst Tin Pan Alley melodies drift through time, touching on everything from the early European folk scene, candlelit cabaret jazz clubs and the psychedelic side of baroque pop music.  Speaking of ‘Sleepy Town‘ she says: “I hate staying in the same place for too long, and this track is about getting itchy feet and wanting to see the world. Although it has all the foundation of a country song, Bill pulled sonic inspiration from Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus in Furs’ (a band we both love!), which gives it true grit – see what I did there?

Amelia Coburn is on tour in May and June.

30 MAY | McChuills, Glasgow
31 MAY | The Met Studio, Bury
01 JUN | The Barrel House Collective, Totnes
03 JUN | Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham
04 JUN | Slaughtered Lamb, London
05 JUN | Folklore, Brighton
08 JUN | The Georgian Theatre, Stockton

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