Ana Egge “Sharing In The Spirit”

StorySound Records, 2024

Brooklyn-based Ana Egge takes another step forward with thirteenth album.

artwork for Ana Egge album "Sharing In The Spirit"The child of itinerant latter-day hippie parents, Ana Egge and her siblings would find themselves driven in a 1969 Dodge van from New Mexico to North Dakota and back again. Truck stops, Grateful Dead concerts and a circus would form her early memories before she settled down, first in Austin, Texas, and for the past twenty years, in Brooklyn, New York City. Her colourful background includes apprenticeship to a luthier, where she made the guitar still in use today, and even a spell building her own house.

Since the 90’s, Egge has also been building a solid fanbase, with twelve very well-received albums prior to the release of her new offering, ‘Sharing In The Spirit’. The most recent of these, 2021’s ‘Between Us’ was produced by Lorenzo Wolff who is again at the desk and plays guitar, bass and synth as well as collaborating in the songwriting. This new record contains eight original songs all written or co-written by Egge, alongside an adapted version of Ted Hawkins’ ‘Sorry You’re Sick’ and Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Last Day of Our Acquaintance’.

Since her first steps as a songwriter and performer, Egge has garnered praise from estimable quarters. Lucinda Williams is an admirer while Steve Earle produced her 2011 album, ‘Bad Blood’. With all her practical skills, it’s no surprise that Egge’s songs are recorded with real craft. She duets with Michael ‘Squeaky’ Robinson on ‘Where Berries Grow’, a box of delights with its bluegrass harmonies and dovetailing acoustic guitars. ‘Door Won’t Close’ has Robinson on pedal steel and Alex Hargreaves on fiddle, a key change signalling freedom from an abuser.

There are other serious subjects within the songs which Egge shows herself eminently capable of tackling but never does she hector. Looking at the state of her country, ‘Don’t You Sleep’ gently urges participation in politics while the Lucinda-like ‘Ending We Need’ offers hope, not anger.

‘Sharing In The Spirit’ continues the long line of successful albums put out by this talented songwriter and singer. Several of her songs have resonated on streaming platforms, receiving millions of plays, though she has yet to achieve the wider fame and status enjoyed by many of her admirers. Currently promoting the record on an extensive tour of the USA, it is to be hoped that Ana Egge will find time to revisit the UK, where her growing audience eagerly awaits.


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